Business Units

We are a business network specialized in real estate. Our values are defined by innovation, quality and trust. We advise our clients in order to achieve the best investments, accompanying them throughout the whole process. We were born in Argentina and have been expanding in the United States, Latin America and Europe. We offer products for the ABC1 segment and a wide network of investors.

We are a boutique real estate company with different investment opportunities for our clients. We have residential projects from the beginning, AAA commercial offices, commercial premises, retail

Service that provides strategy, advice and execution of digital marketing in real estate. We have a professional team and technological tools to achieve the best results. We focus on:

  • Creation and social media management (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube).
  • Strategy development and implementation of ads on Facebook and Google.
  • Branding strategy to reach the ideal client.
  • Structuring the commercialization strategy together with the developers, from the commercial launch to the total sale of the units or a predefined time frame.

    Raising capital for investment in Real Estate projects.